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Bewood Compass Merbau Case for iPhone 13

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Merbau trees are found in tropical rainforests of Oceania and Southeast Asia (Mianmar, Thailand (southern part), Vietnam, Malaysia, Malay peninsula, states of Sarawak, Sabah and Kalimantan on the island of Borneo, Indonesia - Sumatra, Sulawesi, Moluccas and western Irian, Philippines, New Guinea and Solomon Islands).

Polycarbonate used as the basis for our wood is a material characterized by dimensional stability, high rigidity and invariability of the shape under the influence of temperature. It is an odorless material. It features excellent impact resistance. It is matte and pleasant to the touch, making it a perfect finish for our wooden cases.

TPU silicone that covers the sides of the phone from four sides the most important feature that distinguishes this material is its high elasticity, which makes our cases fit the shape of the phone perfectly. A silicone case will also be flexible in a wide range of temperatures, which is not without importance. Its excellent abrasion resistance is also very important. TPU silicone also absorbs shocks very well. The plasticity and resistance of the material we use will guarantee perfect protection of the phone and the removal and insertion of the cover will be simple and intuitive.

  • 100% protection.

  • Made of natural wood.

  • It adapts perfectly to the shape of the phone.

  • Non-slip layer for a secure grip.

  • Accurately designed embossed buttons.

  • Craft precision.

  • Hand mixing and coloring of the resin.

  • Compatible with inductive chargers.

  • The perfect combination of functionality and design.
Version:iPhone 13 Mini

Product materials:

Natural wood


Bewood is a Polish manufacturer of wooden accessories for mobile devices, decorative elements for the office and home, as well as everyday objects.

Another aspect of Bewood is the cooperation with the best young Polish artists.

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