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What has impressed us the most in the tech world in this 2021?

Surely the past year was very interesting and full of news for the world of technological accessories, but what really left its mark and what struck us the most?

For this reason we would try to put the ideas in order by trying to draw up our own personal list of what we liked most.

articolo blog balancershop cosa ci ha colpito di più nel mondo tech in questo 2021?

Native union

Let's start with Native union, a company born in 2009 and which we can now easily define as a big player in the sector. Those who know this company will know for sure that their style is oriented towards minimalist and modernist design, their products are usually united with clean lines and strong geometric shapes.

The first thing we want to talk about is definitely the Heritage collection, it includes iPhone covers, a case for AirPods, a card holder and a wireless battery charger. the desire to insert something more personal and to highlight the company's roots. We have found a truly retro Parisian look, the colors and materials chosen evoke pleasant sensations and go very well even at home with chic furnishing styles. like Maison Kitsunè and Paul Smith proposing themed cases and battery chargers, it must be recognized that above all the latter is really spot on even if the prices are important. However we also appreciated this drift which we hope will bring more and more collaborations between technological accessory companies and fashion houses.

articolo blog balancershop cosa ci ha colpito di più nel mondo tech in questo 2021? Nomad


Let's move on to Nomad, the company based in Santa Barbara, California that aims to create tools for the nomad of the 21st century.

The thing that struck us most is the specialty of the house, that is a charging cable, in more detail it is a lightning cable that focuses on the quality of the materials since it is completely wrapped in a real Kevlar ® sheath with connectors in metal alloy, moreover the construction looks really high level which promises further durability and resistance even after very prolonged and in extreme environments.

Another thing that pleasantly struck us was the sport cases for iPhone 13, we really found them a hymn to simplicity. They are really well built, designed to withstand drops, compatible with wireless charging and Apple's mag safe. The shape of the cover is quite common but their design is all based on the colors and finishes proposed. They are available in 4 colors (Lunar gray-Ash green-Dune-Black-Marine blue) all rigorously shiny and bright, we must say that all the colors are really spot on and are not invasive or overbearing. Last thing worth noting is the integration of an NFC business card integrated into the cover that will allow you to share your information simply by bringing the cover to another device.

articolo blog balancershop cosa ci ha colpito di più nel mondo tech in questo 2021? M. Craftsman

M. Craftsman

Now let's go to M. Craftsman, a brand born in 2010 from the union of a group of designers who came from totally different environments.

In this case we immediately noticed the new cases of the Papery line for the new iPhone 13, in our opinion the company has managed to create something that redefines the concept of a design case. This line of covers is composed of three different textures that are able to create different tactile and visual stimuli. There are three versions, one in leather and the other two in marble (white-black). It must be recognized that the mix of different elements is really successful and makes this collection not only a protection for the smartphone but elevates it to a contemporary work of art.

articolo blog balancershop cosa ci ha colpito di più nel mondo tech in questo 2021? Bellroy


Continuing we find Bellroy famous company specialized above all on the creation of bags, backpacks, wallets etc .. but for some time also the tech accessories have become an important part of the catalog.

We bring to attention the iPhone case 3 card, which is a classic case but with an integrated compartment that acts as both a card holder and a stand to hold your device in a horizontal position.

articolo blog balancershop cosa ci ha colpito di più nel mondo tech in questo 2021? Oakywood


We conclude this short list with Oakywood, a company that has combined wood with technological accessories, quickly becoming a reference in this sector.

This time we are talking about a case for iPad and Macbook, made half of real merino wool felt (fantastic to the touch) and the other half covered with whaspapa, which is a completely washable and water-repellent paper. It must be admitted that this is a really successful product, the combination of the two materials gives a minimal / Nordic look that is ideal if combined with a winter outfit.


These are the novelties of 2021 that we liked the most and that we considered most relevant in the world of tech accessories. We hope that this 2022 has even more news and original products in store for you to try on our devices.

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