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The best desk chairs according to Balancer

After creating a selection of our best desks, we will now try to do the same thing but with another essential element whether your workstation is in the office or at home, that is the chair.

Obviously, even in this case, to make the choice we have kept in mind several factors such as value for money, build quality and design.

articolo blog Balancershop le migliori sedie da scrivania Poltrona Frau downtown

Poltrona Frau


In this case we start from a historic Italian brand, which is now for everyone synonymous with uncompromising excellence and quality. Obviously when we talk about Poltrona Frau we immediately think of a chair and in fact to open this selection we chose Downtown in the president version, a fantastic office armchair whose upholstery is obviously customizable with many types of finishes both in leather and fabric and with hundreds of colors chosen by a chromatologist and texile designer.

An imposing design but at the same time clean and without frills perfect for any type of desk, especially of large dimensions.

Obviously, on products of this importance, the price is in turn challenging, but we must also be aware that all production is done by hand with the highest quality materials and that if we would have due care over time we would have a timeless piece of furniture.

articolo blog Balancershop le migliori sedie da scrivania Ikea Markus



Let's move on to a chair that has become very popular by Ikea or Marku s, we immediately understand the reason for all this success by this product since we are faced with a very technical design element with great focus on ergonomics and breathability of the backrest but at the same time minimal and elegant.

The structure is in painted metal and the upholstery is in sturdy fabric, then the backrest is made of a perforated synthetic fabric so as to facilitate transpiration, which is very useful especially on summer days.

The armrests are in semi-rigid rubber and are certainly very comfortable and hygienic even if over time they can wear out and crumble, a pity is that there are no spare parts and therefore cannot be replaced.

Surely the value for money is excellent, and with a low cost we would have an excellent seat, pleasant to see in any environment and certainly very comfortable.

articolo blog Balancershop le migliori sedie da scrivania Leyform Zeus



Now let's pay attention to a chair by Leyform, an Italian company specialized for years in the creation of operational and executive chairs for the office.

The chair in question is Zeus , it immediately stands out for its sculptural and elegant lines, making it perfect for large rooms with modern furnishings.

The peculiarity that strikes us the most and that makes us appreciate this chair is the possibility of having the backrest with a very elegant and refined quilted finish, another interesting thing that denotes the level of production quality of this chair are the armrests. , equipped with a geometric shape with a chromed metal insert and covered with the same leather that we will choose for the backrest.

articolo blog Balancershop le migliori sedie da scrivania Miliboo yale



Let's move on to a completely different genre with the Yale office armchair that can be purchased on Miliboo, a site by now known where you can find pieces of furniture of all kinds with excellent prices and fresh and interesting designs, obviously in terms of quality we have to turn a little eye but to price quality level there is nothing to say.

The armchair is very modern, almost futuristic, characterized by a backrest with padded islands covered with a beautiful, very resistant technical fabric.

The armrests are also very characteristic, produced in plastic, they have a softer design that contrasts with the graphic line of the backrest, creating a beautiful whole, perfect to be inserted in environments with minimal and ultra modern furnishings.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori sedie da scrivania walter knoll leadchair management

Walter Knoll

Leadchair management

Now let's focus on a swivel chair of a brand that has now become an institution in terms of luxury furnishings.

In this case we are talking about Leadchair
a truly special seat signed by the Eoos team of designers, both the frame and the armrests are in a beautiful mirror-polished aluminum with decisive and austere lines.

The backrest is completely covered with a beautiful leather called "rodeo soft" available in many colors of your choice, moreover the leather you choose for the upholstery will be inserted as a detail in the upper part of the armrests so as to guarantee a more comfortable support.

In this case we are in the presence of a very important chair, which in addition to making us comfortable and making us work in the best possible way will certainly become a key piece of furniture in our home or office.

Obviously the price of this object is very important, and at first glance it may certainly seem excessive, but we must remember that in these cases you pay above all the possibility of customization and the extremely limited edition of these collections, not to mention the long work done by part of the design studies that often dictate the line at a stylistic level for all the other brands.

Once again our small selection ends here, we hope to have been useful in introducing you to some interesting and unknown product.

Together with the desk, the chair is definitely a key piece to give life to the perfect set up, so its choice must be very careful and patient, reminding us that we will have to spend many hours sitting there working or studying as well as becoming one of the central pieces in our furniture. .

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