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The best desks according to Balancer

In this article we wanted to create a small selection of the best desks in circulation, obviously for all of us tech lovers the desk is the starting point where to build our prefect set-up, so as for the foundation of a house we must pay extreme attention to its choice.

We searched deeply by evaluating every type of product we found, in the end taking into account factors such as value for money, design and build quality we came to draw up this list.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori scrivanie secondo balancer Ikea Idasen



Let's start the very famous Swedish multinational known all over the world for its great value for money and for having brought minimal and Nordic design within everyone's reach.

Ikea's IDÅSEN desk is
a really excellent solution, aesthetically very clean and equipped with very massive and sturdy steel legs that make it excellent for intensive use.

The worktop is a wood chipboard veneered with ash, clearly for this price we cannot expect very high quality finishes but it must be said that the black color makes an excellent impression and that inserted in a modern context with different devices and accessories above it could become a really nice starting point for your station.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori scrivanie secondo balancer Westwing


Fushion metal desk

Let's move on to Westwing, the now famous marketplace dedicated to chic furniture but at fairly low prices.

Here we find the Fushion metal desk , of this desk we were certainly struck by the lightness it gives to the surrounding environment and to the very comfortable storage compartment under the table top.

Certainly it is a fairly elegant piece of furniture that goes well with environments that are not too minimal and cold, but rather with modern styles but still with warm and welcoming tones.

We do not recommend weighing it down with too many devices or accessories since by doing so we will lose its light and refined nature, with a desk rug like that of Orbitkey we would be able to have an excellent organization without too much confusion.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori scrivanie secondo balancer Molteni Scriba



Now let's go and touch the sacred monsters of Made in design
Italy with a product designed by Patricia Urquiola for Molteni. Scriba is perhaps more of a desk but we believe it is also perfect as a desk as long as you don't need a lot of space.

The sharp lines and the wood used give this piece a warm and comfortable aura, even in this case we do not recommend weighing the worktop too much with too many objects even if for sure a retro design lamp and a minimal mouse pad and elegant like those you can find on Balancer it would look very good in the dark.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori scrivanie secondo balancer Jysk skovlunde



We continue our selection with a desk by Jysk , now a famous retail chain of household items founded in Denmark.

Here we immediately noticed the desk with oak top and
Skovelunde black legs, first of all the price quality is excellent since the oak veneer is really well done and even to the touch it has nothing to envy to much more expensive products.

Surely we are in front of a Nordic style table that goes well with technology and above all with all Apple products with an aluminum body, even in this case a "light" and tidy set up is preferred to preserve the clean and minimal style. and in this case, the use of an organizer like Orbitkey can be very useful for not having objects scattered on the work surface.

articolo blog balancershop le migliori scrivanie secondo balancer ethnicraft


Oak desk U

Completely changing genre, we focus on an object that really struck us right away, namely the U desk in Oak by Ethnicraft, a company specialized in the production of high-level furniture in solid wood.

The structure is very massive but with sharp lines and almost looks like a single piece, it is made entirely of painted wood in light tones that can be combined well with any environment with contemporary furnishings.

Given its great grandeur, the surface lends itself to hosting multiple objects and accessories such as one or two monitors and different devices for charging smartphones, smartwatches etc ...

Surely an important thing for the accessories and complements to be combined with such a desk is to try to use different materials and colors so as to be able to break the figure, already given the great use of wood for the top and for the legs we recommend avoiding wood. or derivatives for everything we are going to put on it, for example a battery charger for smartphones and AirPods like that of M. Craftsman would go very well, creating movement but recalling the decisive lines of our desk.

We have reached the end of our small selection
of desks to start your perfect set up and your tech corner, we hope that our advice may have been useful and that they may have introduced you to some interesting products.

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