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What is sustainable forestry?

Deforestation has obvious and serious consequences, as wildlife habitats are destroyed and soil erosion becomes severe.

Unfortunately, millions of acres of previously wooded land are being cleared with no thought of the future use of the land. The result is a barren landscape that will never grow back into anything like the original forest.

articolo blog balancershop cos'è la silvicultura sostenibile?
articolo blog balancershop cos'è la silvicultura sostenibile?

Sustainable Forestry seeks to balance our need for forest resources and economic benefits with the long-term health of the forest. Instead of harvesting an entire area, sustainable forestry manages a forest, extracting some resources while maintaining the long-term health of the forest. In this way, the forest continues to play its ecological role and also serves as a continuous source of revenue.

The specific practices of a sustainable forestry project vary from forest to forest, depending on the specific environment and the exact resources to be extracted from the forest. The first step is to examine the land that is part of the sustainable forestry project, creating not only an inventory of the timber, but also of the various wild species present and if any of them are endangered, along with other environmental issues such as reservoirs. hydrographic, proximity to urban areas and recreational use by humans.

Next, forest managers determine what can be harvested from the forest and in what quantity. Their goal is to harvest timber so as not to destroy the overall health of the forest. This can be done by pruning lumber instead of cutting down entire trees, cutting down older trees to encourage diversity and growth, and thinning out tree populations in some areas to promote healthier growth. It is also important to plant new trees, taking care to plant species that provide both the desired type of wood and fit into the forest ecosystem.

articolo blog balancershop cos'è la silvicultura sostenibile?

Sustainable forestry can go beyond the forest, extending to sustainable development practices. Sustainable development means building in ways that have minimal harmful impact on the environment. Factors include the location of the development, the methods used to clean the land, and the types of wood used in the development.

The wood we choose

The wood used in the smartphone cases or accessories on our site comes exclusively from sustainable forestry.

We always pay great attention to the selection of producers and retailers with whom we collaborate, so as to be able to offer products of good design and with a conscious and environmentally friendly production chain.

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