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Apple Watch strap in Alcantara ®

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Being constantly looking for high-level technological accessories we come across many products to evaluate every day, especially when we talk about Apple watch straps we are faced with an immense choice, and why it is quite simple to understand, let's face it, to build a strap is certainly not a mission impossible and the tools to do it are within the reach of many small businesses, including artisans.

To give examples, there are many leather goods or textile companies that already created accessories and straps for traditional watches and began to modify the normal straps by inserting the metal attachments that allow it to be mounted on an Apple watch.

By now we have learned about the types of straps that circulate most on the market and a selection of the best of them can be found on Balancer , from elegant leather straps to practical and sporty rubber or nylon straps, to the most sophisticated in steel mesh or even in resin and ceramic.

However, in our opinion, something was missing from this list, a truly multifaceted strap that could appear elegant, luxurious and usable in any outfit but at the same time was extremely resistant, easy to clean and that allows us to play sports.

We admit the search was quite complicated among the tide of products that the market offers us but in the end we managed to find what we were looking for, and the funny thing is that the base of this product is made up of a 100% Italian material, so it was enough to look just outside the house ...

Finding and making this Apple Watch strap in 100% Italian Alcantara available in our marketplace was a great satisfaction and a source of pride for us, but let's try to describe this choice a little better.

Articolo Blog Balancershop Cinturini Apple Watch in Alcantara
Articolo Blog Balancershop Cinturini Apple Watch Alcantara materiale

Let's start with the material, which is the heart of the product.

Alcantara is a truly fantastic material, 100% Made in Italy, born through an industrial and artisan process still kept secret by the company that makes this coating extremely resistant to any type of mechanical stress while being very light.

It is perfect for sports as it is totally water resistant, breathable, antibacterial and can be washed frequently.

Thanks to its internal structure, when used in applications that come into contact with the skin, it has the power to be warm in winter and cool in summer.

We conclude this praise to Alcantara by emphasizing the fantastic sensation of softness to the touch that is felt when it is in contact with our skin, an aspect that should never be underestimated in an Apple watch strap.

Perhaps it is for these reasons that
Alcantara is used all over the world by the biggest brands in the luxury industry, it covers design pieces, enriches the interiors of sports cars, but also airplanes and yachts.

Let's move on to the aesthetic aspect, in our opinion, another strong point of this product. The strap is totally magnetic without buckles or other closure systems, just fix it with the two chromed metal hooks to our device and place the two ends on top of each other and that's it, the seal is perfect even for frenetic sports activities. which has more than 30 mini magnets that make up the structure of the strap itself. This closure system already seen in the official Apple straps makes the design very clean and minimal.

Articolo Blog Balancershop Cinturini Apple Watch loghi attività

Even in the combination with our daily out fit it manages to express the best in terms of versatility, it is suitable for the most elegant and formal looks since with Alcantara we will have a luxurious and refined material that recalls a leather with suede processing, and yes it goes equally well with more informal and simple occasions thanks to its clean and no-frills design.


All these features make this accessory a truly unique and immensely versatile partner for our Apple watch, which only after trying it will you understand how it can become a fundamental piece of your look and your favorite tech accessories.

You can find the Apple watch strap in Alcantara on the site in four fantastic colors, and different sizes 38/40 mm, 42 / 44mm.

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